What is Mantra?

“Devotional singing is the spontaneous music of the soul. Nobody can resist the inspirational qualities of such music penetrating one’s heart when it is sung with concentration and devotion.” – Amma.
Mantra are ancient phrases layered in meaning, and deeply rooted in the Vedic traditions of India. They are thought to be the sound of the Earth speaking herself, the echoes of the rivers, trees, mountains and flowers. Song traditions are common in all Indigenous cultures and provide a vehicle for communion with the lands we walk on.
Today we equate mantra with spiritual aphorisms or affirmations. When chanted, mantra takes us beyond linear thinking to deep states of consciousness, transcending the material world.
Sound is the paradigm of creation and can be used to cut through mental clutter towards a deeper start of awareness. It is a fantastic tool to support your mediation practice whilst rooting you into a state of truth and authenticity.
We encourage you to begin your day chanting this mantra, to move through your day in a ceremonious way.
Rise sister rise.
Indigo Luna xx

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