Who made your clothes?


Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? How their lives are? We think it’s important to think about how and why a piece of clothing costs what it does. 

Fashion Revolution Week was born from a terrible tragedy.


When the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh 2013, it killed 1138 people and injuring thousands more, mostly young women.

They were all manufacturing clothing for big global fast-fashion brands in crowded, cramped and unsafe conditions.



Our small, family-run brand has bloomed over the last year, and this growth is from your support. But we grow mindfully with purpose, without compromising our values. The craftsmanship of our artisans is deeply respected and we maintain production on Bali, our island home.


Gone are the days of mindless consumption. Transparency has become non-negotiable. 


We make our clothing in small runs from sustainable, organic or recycled fabrics and use plant dyes whenever possible. Each Indigo Luna piece is made by hand and we personally visit our makers weekly, to ensure they work in safe, comfortable conditions with fair pay.



Employing a majority of female workers creates opportunity through empowerment, helping to support their families. It’s because of your support that we can stick to our slow fashion values and continue to do this.


We proudly want to share some behind the scenes in our making headquarters, so you can see the smiles we see each week while creating eco-conscious clothing together, for you. For us.


Meet the makers

Meet Iluh, one of our wonderful seamstresses, she creates the patterns by hand and understands shapes and fabrics better than anyone else. It's her magic that turns sketches into beautiful, wearable eco-conscious pieces.  



Meet Yanti, When she walks in she instantly lights up the room. She has such a powerful presence and warm smile that will improve your day. She is super organised and oversees the production and distribution of our garments.



Meet Luh De, our beautiful lady in charge or embroidery and quality control. Luh De has such the most loving energy and she is the last person to check every garment is made with the love and care that goes to creating each and every IL piece.



Embody the change you want to see in the world.

We do.