Take a breath

Take a breath

10 steps to become more present


Everywhere you look you see what you are looking for. Look inside.
We’ve cut through the clutter to offer you a simple step by step practice.




1. Sit in a quiet spot and place your feet on the ground




2. Take 10 deep, slow breaths to fully arrive


woman breathing


3. Picture the soft golden glow of your heart


golden heart


4. Imagine it melting down through your body towards the earth



5. Witness this golden stream flowing through your belly and down your legs



6. Feel this golden stream connecting with the light grid that covers the earth



7. Now open up your crown and feel the energy stream down from the sky



8. Witness it flowing through your mind’s eye and throat, arriving at your heart



9. Feel the streams connected to earth and sky through your body with all chakras activated and rest your awareness in your heart



10. Imagine expanding your heart energy





    Discover just how powerful you are


    Grow with love,
    Indigo Luna xx