New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual

Harness the energy of this New Moon with this ritual created by our beautiful friend, Astrologer, @butterfly.medicine.


A Ritual is essentially a sacred practice where you ground your intentions down into the physical realm. Here are some ritual suggestions for you to harness the energy of this moon!

You can do all of the following or mix it up and selectively choose what you want to do! 


New Moon Ritual - Moon Collection



  • Favourite blanket
  • Sacred tools (crystals, wands, burning bundles, etc.)
  • Card deck of your choice
  • Palm-sized piece of paper
  • Bowl of water
  • Candle
  • A Match


New Tee - Moon Collection


  1. Set your Sacred Space

I always start out my Ritual suggestions with this potent step. You can lay down your favourite blanket on the floor, your bed, the earth, and bring your sacred tools and the above supplies into this space. Light a candle and call upon Mother Moon to guide you through the ritual for the highest good of all beings everywhere. You can play some lovely instrumental, set your crystals around the space, cleanse the space with your favourite during bundle, and enchant the space by saying some words of intention aloud. 


  1. Take time to go Within

This is the best thing you can do during the New Moon. Meditate, and listen to what arises in the mind. 




  1. Connect to your Higher Self

Your higher self is also known as the transcendental self, this is the version of you that knows what is for your greatest and highest good. You are able to connect to your higher self at any moment in time and ask for guidance, messages, clarity, and any other information you seek. With this moon, there will be a clear portal for you to connect to your higher self. Take some space, get comfortable, close your eyes and activate this channel by saying within your mind or out loud: 


“Calling upon my higher self - I am ready to receive any messages that are for my greatest and highest good and for the greatest and highest good of all beings everywhere.” 


After this activation use this time to journal all the messages that are coming through for you. 


Journaling after meditation - Model wearing Moon Tee


  1. Card Spread for the Upcoming Moon Cycle

This is a practice I use every moon cycle. Call upon mother moon, your guides, angels, and your higher self and ask for the messages to come through that you are meant to receive in regards to this upcoming moon cycle. Shuffle the cards - set aside any cards that fall out while you shuffle - and pick as many cards as you feel called to pick. You can read the messages on the cards now, read them throughout the moon cycle, or wait until the next new moon to read the cards and reflect on how the messages show what manifested over the past month. 


  1. Set your Intentions

Tune into your heart and ask yourself, “What am I ready to manifest?”. Write on one of the palm-sized pieces of paper or in your journal all of the messages to come through. Dream big anything can happen! When you’ve written all your intentions down you can put this piece of paper in your pillowcase, or somewhere you will see it often to be reminded of your intentions. 


New Moon Rituals Wearing Moon Collection Tee And Layla Flares


  1. Release What No Longer Serves You

My favourite way to do this is to get a palm-sized piece of paper, a bowl of water, a candle and a match. First, light your candle with the intention of releasing when no longer serves you. Next, write on the piece of paper all that you are ready to release from your life. This can be what you’re ready to energetically release or physically release from your life. After writing this list down hold the paper over the flame until you’re ready to place it in the bowl of water. As the paper is burning visualize all that is written on it being sent to the universe to be recycled into new energy. Pour this water unto the earth whenever you’re ready. 



Thank Yourself For Showing Up For YOU


  1. Completion

When you’ve completed the above steps/any combination of them you feel called to complete you can hold your hands over your heart and speak these words aloud, “Thank you Mother Moon for this divine opportunity for renewal, coming home to myself, and activation.  I honour you now and always and am eternally grateful for all you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


From here I invite you to thank yourself for showing up for YOU. You are incredible. Give yourself a big hug and feel the big beautiful opportunities that lay in your path this upcoming moon cycle. 

I hope these practices serve you dear one. Thank you for being here. Remember you are important, you are divine and you have purpose.

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