We are the custodians of empathy

We are the custodians of empathy

As a woman you experience different cycles throughout your life, different rhythms which shape your experience and perception.

Below we have outlined the different patterns which shape our experience.

 We hope you find this supportive today.



Moon Cycles.

Moving in 28-day rhythms, connecting to the moon supports your growth into your fullest potential. Beginning from the depths of the dark moon to a waxing, crescent, quarter, full and waning back again, the moon helps you integrate the shadow and turn dark into light. Ancient wisdom acknowledges woman’s bleeding cycles as times of rest and dreamtime. A time when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world was thin.




Life Cycles.

Rites of passage are deeply important for spiritual growth, and we are starved of their significance in modern lives. The internal cycles and seasons you go through physically, emotionally, and spiritually need to be marked and witnessed by community. Celebrate your daughters first blood, celebrate your menopause, celebrate yourself, celebrate your family, celebrate your friends. Love is a binding force.




Seasonal Cycles.

Connect to our beautiful Mother Earth as she moves through her own regenerative seasons. Witness the transitions between winter, spring, summer and autumn, and live in harmony with the energy of each season. Mark and celebrate the sabbaths, the Earths holy days, the solstices, and equinoxes.




 Creative Cycles.

It is the germinating of ideas, the conception of something bigger than yourself and the ability to know when to birth your idea. Creativity is natural to human beings and exists in all pockets! Finding your creative flow brings about feelings of gratitude, peacefulness and satisfaction.





We are forever inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth and the creativity of her regenerative cycles. Our Plant Dyed Intimates are made with intention to mirror this process and support you through your own monthly cycles.


As women we know our body shape ebbs and flows around our hormonal rhythms, so we took inspiration from the trees which yield our plant dye matter. Trees come in many shapes and sizes, just like human bodies. And they mirror our seasonal changes in their regenerative circular process.


We bleed just as the trees shed their leaves.



We are returning to a world of regeneration. Nurture these seeds within yourself.


With love,


Indigo Luna xx