• Luna Necklace (Medium) Silver
  • Luna Necklace (Medium) Silver
  • Luna Necklace (Medium) Silver

Luna Necklace (Medium) Silver

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The go-to necklace for every occasion. Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon, symbol of powerful femininity, intuition and wisdom. Featuring an intricate design inspired by ancient Roman jewellery, this piece combines our signature chain and the elegant Luna pendant in size medium.

  • Adjustable chain length from 14 to 16 inches.
  • Individually handcrafted by artisans.
  • Made in recycled sterling silver (925).
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To keep your jewellery in beautiful condition, we recommend removing your pieces before going to bed, showering, or taking part in any physical activity. Also, please avoid spraying perfume, alcohol or oil onto them - hand sanitiser included!

To clean your pieces, simply use a soft cloth or tooth brush with warm water.

This piece is made of Sterling Silver (925). Solid silver pieces are naturally more resistant. We also apply a lacquer to protect them from corrosion but we recommend following the care instructions for optimum conditions for years!

If you have any other queries on how to take care of your Studio WY pieces, drop us an email or contact us on live chat or socials.