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Trium Ring

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The power of 3 or, as the latin saying goes "Omne Trium Perfectum", which means that everything that comes in threes is perfect.

This beautiful handmade ring is made with sustainably sourced stones (zirconia) that shine like three beautiful diamonds. 

  • Individually handcrafted by artisans.
  • Made in recycled sterling silver (925) and plated with a thick layer of sustainable 18/24k gold.
  • Our packaging is eco-friendly and can be reused to store your jewellery, for travel or other items.
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To keep your jewellery in beautiful condition, we recommend removing your pieces before going to bed, showering, or taking part in any physical activity. Also, please avoid spraying perfume, alcohol or oil onto them - hand sanitiser included!

To clean your pieces, simply use a soft cloth or tooth brush with warm water.

This piece is created by using a technique called Gold Vermeil, which means a layer of gold of a minimum of 2.5 microns (much thicker than most other jewellery brands) is electro painted on the sterling silver, giving a much longer lifespan than other similar gold plated jewels.
The lifespan of the gold layer will depend greatly on the care given to them and also the natural PH of your skin, as each persons skin is different this can range between 1 to 8 years.