Black Friday

But we would rather you buy less and buy well.

This Friday, we encourage you to support brands that are doing good.

Let's think before we buy.

Black Friday promotes the rampant overconsumption of products.
Our obsession with fast and cheap is really hurting us and the planet. Corporate days like 'Black Friday' are teaching us to devalue things like workmanship, quality and sustainability.

We won't be having MASSIVE DISCOUNTS this Friday. 


Our pieces are ethically made, meaning the people involved in the process of making your garment are working in safe conditions and receive an above-living wage.

We work alongside and know the names of each person that has stitched, cut and dyed your garment on its way to you.

We use eco-conscious materials and eco/plant dyes that lower our margins but cause less damage to humans and the environment.



We know that this day is not all doom and gloom.

It's also the chance for people to use their hard-earned money wisely on things they really need or want. And If you have made it this far into our email, we thank you for taking all of this in.

We really do want to make it easier for everyone to shop consciously.

Instead of discounting our workers, products and the work that goes into creation, we will personally pay for FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on all orders from Friday for 96 hours.

Simply enter the code 'FORYOU' at the checkout and we will take care of the shipping costs.

We will never be able to compete with fast fashion for price, but that's okay. More and more wonderful people are understanding the true cost beyond the price tag that goes into any product.

All parcels will be sent Plastic Free and Compostable.

Online Shopping can be done differently.