Our Loyalty Program designed to lighten our footprint as you collect additional benefits for every dollar spent. 

We strive to find ways to give back and make shopping eco-conscious as accessible as possible.  

If you have an account, or email subscription with us, you have automatically started earning Indigo Leaves.

To check the amount and activate your membership click here

And if you have any questions about the Loyalty Program, FAQs can be found at the bottom of this page.

This offering is to support you building your eco-conscious closet. Our slow growth over the years means every collection has been created with real care, love and purpose to complement the lifestyle we advocate for.

By wearing Indigo Luna you are helping us make a stand for the Earth.

Thank you for growing with us and embodying the change. 


  • What is Indigo Leaves?

    Indigo Leaves are the points you collect as you shop eco-conscious with Indigo Luna. For every dollar spent, Indigo Leaves will be added to your account until you’re ready to redeem them as 10% or 20% discounts on future purchases. 

  • How do I join?

    You simply create an account with us and watch your leaves grow.


    If you already have an account, consider yourself in. All you have to do is log in to view your Leaves and check your benefits.

  • How do I count the Indigo leaves?

    You can log into your account any time to see how many Indigo Leaves you have collected and how much you can redeem them for.

  • How do I access my discounts?

    Once you have earned the Indigo Leaves needed for the 10% or 20% discounts, you can redeem them here. Then you will receive an email with your private code to use on your next purchase.

  • Can I use two discount codes at once?

    No, sorry. One at a time please.

  • How do I receive my birthday Indigo Leaves?

    All folks who register their birthday with their Indigo Leaves account will receive an email with bonus Leaves as a birthday gift from us. 


    Make sure you indicate your birthday on your account so you don’t miss out.

  • What happens if I make a return?

    When as item is returned into our system, the Indigo Leaves will be automatically deducted from your account too.

  • Will my previous orders before signing up count as Indigo Leaves?

    No… Previous orders will not count as current indigo leaves and will only be possible to collect Indigo Leaves with an account.

  • I already have an account, do I need to created a new one to earn Indigo Leaves?

    No, you are all good. If you have an account, or email subscription with us, you’re automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Program. All you have to do is sign in and start earning Indigo Leaves!

  • What if I have old email addresses  and multiple accounts?

    Don’t worry, we will figure it out with you. Please contact our Care Team by emailing care@indigoluna.store and they will happy assist you with merging your accounts.

  • Does it cost anything to begin earning Indigo Leaves?

    Absolutely not! Joining our Loyalty Program is 100% free.

  • How do Indigo Leaves convert to dollars?

    100 Indigo Leaves equals $1.

    200 Indigo Leaves equals $2

    500 Indigo Leaves equals $5

    You get the picture!

  • Is there a limit to how many Indigo Leaves I can earn?

    Nope! Happy collecting :)

  • Can I earn Indigo Leaves when purchasing through the store in Aus and Bali?

    Yes, just make sure to give your email to our beautiful staff so they can process it with your order.

  • Can I return my order if I used Indigo Leaves for a discount?

    Yes. If you return an order, or even part of an order, we will refund the total dollar amount spent after the discount was applied, and your Indigo Leaves will be returned to your account as well.