+Preparation Cacao


Ingredients (serves one)

Ceremonial Cacao: Either broken into small chunks or shaved off the block.
  • 1 tablespoon (10-15g) for a small daily dose or nightcap, 2 tablespoons (25-30g) for a boost of focus and creativity, or 3 tablespoons (45g+) for a ceremonial dose
  • 150 ml very hot water (about 70 degrees celsius is best)
  • 40 ml of plant milk
  • 1-2 teaspoons of sweetener (honey, or coconut sugar)

Optional spices. (e.g. cinnamon, cardamon, sea salt, cayenne pepper, ginger, nutmeg)

Express Blender Method:

Add all ingredients to a heat-proof blender.
Blend thoroughly with intention, and pour into your favourite mug. 

Without blender:

Using a large pot, combine all ingredients and cook over low heat without letting them boil. Stir constantly until the Cacao melts.

To create a foamy layer, you may want to use a whisk to aerate the Cocoa.