Ayurveda With Myra Lewin From Hale Pule

Ayurveda With Myra Lewin From Hale Pule

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar focused on the foundational principles of Ayurveda. Our dear friend, Myra Lewin from Hale Pule, graced us with her wisdom and warmth.

In case you were unable to join us live or wish to revisit the session, you can watch the full video in our Youtube channel.

We are over the moon by the outcome of the webinar, as well as your incredible response. Your engagement and support is always deeply appreciated.

Feel free to watch it at your own leisure, embracing the wisdom and insights shared during this event.


Ayurveda is unchanging and based in nature. We are an expression of nature, responding and relating to everything around us; from the cosmos to the food on our plate. Even our personality will evolve with the practices of Ayurveda.

In this one hour session, Myra Lewin the founder of Hale Pule, Yoga master and Ayurvedic practitioner with over thirty five years of experience will touch on fundamentals of Ayurveda including:

  • Doshas - elements within us
  • Ahar - diet
  • Vihar - lifestyle
  • Agni - your digestive fire as a key to vitality and longevity
  • Q&A

Ayurveda is most powerful when used in combination with Yoga. Hale Pule’s educational and healing programs include both of these sacred sciences.



Would you like to follow and know more about Myra?

Website: Halepule.com

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Youtube: youtube.com/@hale_pule

Instagram: instagram.com/hale_pule/

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