Who we are

Ethically made Yogawear, Swimwear, Linen and more


First imagined in the sand on the Australian coastal town of Torquay

Inspired by thoughtful Scandinavian/Nordic simplicity

Given life and flavoured on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia

Our story

We are a small, family run brand ensuring quality, transparency, eco-consciousness and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The name Indigo Luna came to us when we first began experimenting with natural dyes. We fell completely in love with the beauty and complexity of the Indigo plant and the way we could create earthy colours from nature that doesn't have a negative impact on our planet.

This has been a continuing thread throughout our journey, and every decision we make is chosen to benefit the environment and health of the workers over profits. The importance of creating while also leaving behind the smallest footprint we can. Choose well, buy less, make it last. 

To us, the use of plant dyes encapsulates the slow, carefully chosen values of Indigo Luna and also the changing narrative that conscious consumers, like you, are driving. Ultimately our own choices will drive change. By supporting ethical brands you are directly helping to create the world you want to see around you. 

We want you to feel the love in each hand made stitch and understand that there are real loving humans creating these garments. This is NOT fast fashion.

Our mission

We are dedicated to thoughtful slow creation. Reducing unnecessary impact on other beings and our planet while providing an alternative to mass production and fast fashion.

Our garments are made in beautiful simple shapes, earthy colours and plant dyes from recycled or organic materials. Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and we plan to run out of stock. Everything is cut, sewn and dyed by loving human hand, and we ensure that every person involved in production works in comfortable, safe conditions.

Creations designed to celebrate the female form, by providing simple, minimalistic shapes in eco-conscious fabrics. Designed for all bodies no matter your moon cycle or if you are creating life. We believe in female empowerment, with two of three directors being female as well as 93% of all employed staff.

We are really excited about improving and continuing our path towards sustainability. We recognize that there is so much to learn and many new ways to adapt and evolve for the better. We celebrate just how far we have come as a small brand and realise how far we have to go. We want you to come on this journey with us and have honest and real conversations to create a new fashion industry we want to be a part of. Thank you for being a part of our story.