IL Muses: Conversation with Jess Lee Buchanan

IL Muses: Conversation with Jess Lee Buchanan

We shared some words with one of our favourite muses @jessleebuchanan. We hope you feel as inspired as we do with this amazing human.

When life gets tough, what are the things or practices that helped you to be grounded and to return to love again?

- When life gets tough I tend to turn inward and stay home. I keep away from energies that will disturb my “me” time. I find this quiet time and social separation works best for me to realign.

Favorite book

- The Abarat by Clive Barker. It’s childish, full of adventure and great artworks by the author.

Favorite one piece from Indigo luna or your most worn pieces :)

I literally LIVE in my Winterfall Jumper and Layla Flares. They are so easy to wear and always make me feel amazing!

Favorite word of wisdom that you like/ mantra

- Move at your own pace, unapologetically.

Favorite movie

- Practical Magic. I just wish I was Sally Owens!!


With Love.

Indigo Luna xx

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