We have created a 4-part series guide about your hormonal changes throughout your moon cycles. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, your body experiences ebbs and flows. This guide is your compass to navigating these changes with grace, knowledge, and self-care.


Coming into greater alignment with each phase is called Cycle-syncing where your health and lifestyle habits (like diet & exercise) match the four phases of your menstrual cycle.
We have all grown up in a patriarchal society that is structured around the 24-hour cycle of men's hormones where worth is based on productivity. Women obviously have their own month long cycles in tune with the moon so it’s important to care for the woman’s body to achieve health and happiness from a feminine perspective. You realize how magical women’s bodies really are, how they reflect nature and the seasons of the earth, and how important it is to share this wisdom for everyone’s benefit.


In this guide, you will learn about the science behind what’s happening in our body physically and emotionally, with some suggestions on how to optimize mind and body to feel in alignment with your inner nature by exploring exercises and nutrition tips tailored to your body's changing needs.

Let's delve into the first chapter of this guide, where we explore the radiant blossoming of the Follicular Phase and discover the essence of spring within your body's rhythms.


Your Inner Spring



    Welcome to the blossoming phase of your cycle, the Follicular Phase. Just as spring breathes life into the world, this phase prepares your body for the journey ahead. Over the span of about 10 days, estrogen levels gradually rise, nurturing your intentions and energy until the moment of ovulation. During this time, estrogen enhances your verbal finesse, empowers your muscles for strength and swift recovery, fortifies your bones, and enriches your brain's long-term memory capacity.



      The Follicular Phase emerges after menstruating where the oestrogen levels start low and build over around 10 days until ovulation. This allow for muscle growth and rapid recuperation, also amplifies your energy levels, invigorating your spirit.

        Graphic of Women Menstrual Cycles



        As the energy within you surges, your mindset takes on an extroverted and forward-thinking quality. It's a time of growth and creativity, where the possibilities are endless.

        Harness the estrogenic energy to envision and plan ahead. This phase is perfect for mind-mapping, scheduling, and igniting fresh ideas. However, be mindful of potential negative thought patterns like fear. Release these patterns, for they do not serve you.


        • Plant seeds of intention and watch them grow.
        • Seize the optimal time to strategize, exercise, and acquire new skills.
        • Engage in brainstorming sessions to cultivate innovative ideas.
        • Try out novel sports or activities.
        • Immerse yourself in nature hikes to connect with your surroundings.




        Exercise during your follicular phase


        The idea of this phase is to gradually increase intensity and challenge in your workouts. Oestrogen, the muscle-building and quicker recovery hormone, starts out low but rises until it peaks at Ovulation, along with your energy levels. We use fat stored as energy here while metabolism is low and digestion is high. This is a great time for muscle building as pain tolerance and muscle recovery are higher.

         Our dearest friend Kika has created a pilates class for you specially for this phase.

        “For those who like it hot. A circuit-style pilates cardio workout, designed to build and maintain strength, raise the heart-rate and ignite individual muscle groups.”

        Some good movement options:

        • Weight lifting
        • Cardio
        • Resistance training & rebounding
        • Yoga: Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga
        • HIIT & Circuit training



        Nutrition during your follicular phase


        On a digestive level, this is the gut-healing phase of our cycle, so spring-like foods eg sautéed vegetables, fermented foods, and omega-3’s like fish and seeds are essential. Always remember to eat as much fresh, unprocessed (organic if possible) whole foods so your body gains maximum nutrients.

        • Foods rich in lead protein for muscle repair (chicken, tofu, fish)
        • Complex carbohydrates for sustained energy levels (oats, brown rice)
        • Zinc-rich foods like pumpkin seeds and lentils

        Recommended Recipes for Nourishment:

        Eat Your Greens @ Hale Pule

        Rasa Rice Bow @ Hale Pule 




          Outfits inspiration your follicular phase

          Clothes that support your movement enhancing and revealing itself in your full expression. Fabrics that gently hold you and nourish your skin in breathable softness.



          What to read and listen during your follicular phase


          • Book: “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, a guide to harnessing the surging energy of the present moment.
          • Playlist: We've put together a list of our favourite podcasts about the feminine cycle, you can find them by clicking the following link and dive even deeper into the topic: 



          Celebrate the Follicular Phase as a time of growth, intention, and spirited action. As you align with the rhythms of your body, may you find empowerment and renewal in every step of your journey.

          With Love,

          Indigo Luna xx


          You can find the part two (OVULATION- SUMMER) part three (LUTEAL - AUTUMN) and part four (MENSTRUATION - WINTER) of the series in our Cycle-Sync Category journal.

          Follicular Phase Look's