IL Muses: Conversation with Sophia Esperanza

IL Muses: Conversation with Sophia Esperanza

We shared some words with one of our favourite muses @sophiaesperanza. We hope you feel as inspired as we do with this amazing human.

What is your definition of self-love?

Treating this life - this body, mind and soul as an absolute gift, because it is. 

Seeing this experience as an opportunity to with words - actions - thoughts and vision, allow the soul to express. 

Maybe over time it looks like less self...and just more love. 

Seeing everything around as an extension of ourselves - so we can all dance together. 

One of my greatest forms of self love is stillness in Nature.

In your experience, how do you connect to your soul?

In many languages, 'breath' translates to 'soul'. Connecting to my breath, through breathwork - I feel my physical form and mind allow my soul to become the driver of my experience. I am in pure heart and soul expression when I feel safe. The safety i've found that allows me to tap into this part of myself - is my Faith. 

How do you feel into the difference between soul and ego? 

Honesty. I've chosen to explore my ego instead of suppressing and banning it from my field of awareness. The more I understand this fragment of myself; the more I can identify it. The easier it becomes to differentiate between my soul. 

How do you recognise inner beauty in yourself? And in others?

We can see this inner beauty reflected in how we simply live life. I am reminded that I get to be even more beautiful, because of everyone here with me. Being in relation to others is an opportunity to express - and it's in these moments that our lights shine so bright. I see beauty all around. Sometimes to an overwhelming level. Although, I wouldn't change it for the world. How someone carefully holds a child, the gentleness in admiring a butterfly & the empathetic moments when sitting across from a friend in need. Life is beauty in motion.

How do you meet the shadow aspects of yourself?

My Faith. I'd love to expand on this in time. 

What message do you want to share that lives deep in your heart?

In all honesty. Be with land (big or small), grow your own food & connect with the land. What comes naturally after that - is a deeper understanding of what it can mean to steward the Earth while stewarding Ourselves. 

Favourite one piece from Indigo luna or your most worn pieces :)

I love my Tuula Poncho. Wrapping myself in the embrace of this beautiful piece - I create some of my favorite recipes & enjoy some of the sweetest cuddles with my companion animals. This chapter of my life is full of warmth & nourishment - it represents this to me.

Favourite song

Mi Abuelo by Puentes & Cuñaq by Curawaka (currently!). I've also curated a sweet playlist that uplifts artists creating conscious music. Listen here.

Favourite movie

Pan's Labyrinth & James & the Giant Peach 

Favourite word of wisdom that you like/ mantra

Hmm, Love. The bottom line of the many quotes, mantras, thoughts I all comes back to Love. 


With Love.

Indigo Luna xx

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