THE PORTAL SCARF: Embracing the Artistry of Natural Dyes

THE PORTAL SCARF: Embracing the Artistry of Natural Dyes

Our signature plant-dyeing process, employed in coloring our Portal Scarves from the latest collection created in collaboration with Hitomi, captures a timeless artistry that resonates with a profound connection to the earth.

Here, in our island home Bali, we source all our natural plant dyes from the lush embrace of our local environment.

In our plant-dye gardens, chaos and order coexist in perfect harmony, where every plant dances to its own rhythm. Only the flora that thrives in our tropical paradise, like mango, Indigo, and Secang Wood, find their way into our dye baths.

Like crafting a comforting cup of tea, plant materials are dried and crushed.

Our exquisite Organic Cotton fabric takes a dip into this concoction, repeatedly swaying until the colors sink just right. This artistry is all done by hand, guided by the discerning eyes of our skilled artisans, resulting in a symphony of shades.  

Every Portal Scarf has its own unique expression with subtle variations that celebrate the uniqueness of each piece, Instead of chasing superficial perfection, we cherish these nuances, knowing they make our products more authentic.

Even our waste follows nature's cycle, returning to the earth as organic compost, nurturing new life and fostering the growth of more trees and plants for future dyes.

Our philosophy is simple but profound:

We believe in restoring a harmonious bond with our precious Earth. It's a connection you can sense. If you pay attention, you can feel it.

As you wear our creations, we invite you to embrace not just the beauty, but also the soul, the effort, and the love that have gone into each piece. It's a story meant to be worn and cherished.


With Love,

Indigo Luna xx