IL Muses: Conversation with Mahina Alexander

IL Muses: Conversation with Mahina Alexander

We had a lovely chat with our dear @mahinaalexander. We're really feeling inspired by this amazing woman, and we hope you do too!

When life gets tough, what are the things or practices that helped you to be grounded and to return to love again?

- Hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature. Rest. Cooking nourishing food. Singing, dancing, drumming, playing crystal sound bowls. Journaling/writing poetry, meditation, breathwork. it depends on what aspect of my self needs to be brought into balance; body, mind, or soul.

When resistance is present I support myself starting with 5555 breath. 5 second inhale 5 second hold 5 second exhale 5 second hold for 5 rounds. 5 is the number of change, freedom and expansion. This is helpful to regulate the nervous system so I can feel grounded before asking myself what I need and then responding with whatever is appropriate at the time.

Favorite book

- Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

Favorite one piece from Indigo luna or your most worn pieces :)

- This poncho is the best! Its such a gorgeous chunky knit and I love the oversized fit. I wear it all the time and its summer so when winter comes its safe to say ill be living in it.

Moon tube x moon shorts are perfect for everyday wear. So comfy and clean. The perfect outfit for someone who’s days are very dynamic like mine. Work, yoga, dance, playing with my son and being outdoors home in Hawai’i.

I don’t yet have the flow top but I love the whole look! The pants are an every other day staple in my wardrobe. They are so beautiful and not too hot for summer.

Favorite word of wisdom that you like/ mantra

- I am the one I have always been.

Favorite movie

- Ahhhhh so many…
I origins, good will hunting, the giver.

Favorite song

Because you move me - tinlicker & helsloot
Circled back around for me recently and it feels so gooood


With Love.

Indigo Luna xx

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