Continuing with part two of our four-part Cycle-syncing series, we now arrive at the Ovulation Phase. Welcome to your inner summer!


The concept of cycle syncing was initially introduced by Alisa Vitti, an integrative nutritionist and expert on women's hormones, in her first book, "Woman Code," which was published in 2014. Cycle-syncing is a wonderful way to adjust your lifestyle in harmony with your menstrual cycle. By honouring your body's menstrual cycle through each phase, you can reduce hormonal imbalances such as PMS and period pains, ultimately bringing you back to balance, the state in which you’re designed to thrive. This empowerment enables you to adopt habits that alleviate these symptoms and genuinely benefit you in all other aspects of your life.


Our energy levels naturally fluctuate in sync with our moon cycles. During each phase, you may experience varying levels of energy and muscle tone. The key is to remain aware of the current phase of your cycle and adjust your diet and exercise intensity levels accordingly.


Let's dive into the second chapter of this guide, where we will explore the vibrant energy of the Ovulation Phase and uncover the essence of summer within your body's natural rhythms.

Embrace the Ovulation Phase

Your Inner Summer 



Ovulation is a moment in time when the egg gets released from the follicle, it typically happens in the middle of the cycle, and the high feeling lasts for about 3-4 days.

Think of ovulation as the peak of summer in your menstrual cycle. It's the main event when your oestrogen and testosterone levels are at their highest. This is when your body is most fertile.

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During this time, many women often find themselves feeling more confident, sensual, and full of energy. It's quite common for our sexual desire to increase. 

The ovulation phase is the time during your menstrual cycle when the chances of getting pregnant are the highest as our ovary releases a mature egg. The egg travels down the fallopian tube toward the uterus to be fertilized by sperm.

If you’re wanting to conceive it’s the best time of the month for that. However if you’re not planning on getting pregnant it’s important to use protection or consider other enjoyable ways to connect intimately.

One way we like to practice natural birth control is by using the Natural Cycles app. This method is effective because it monitors the temperature rise that occurs after ovulation. It's important for every woman to have the freedom to select the birth control method that aligns best with her preferences and needs.



Ovulation is situated around the middle of your cycle. This is when oestrogen and testosterone levels peak.

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As the hormones and energy reach the highest point, your mindset takes on an extroverted and abundant thinking quality. You will be feeling more confident and powerful. We encourage you to really go for it and celebrate yourself in your fullest expression. Embrace these feelings with gratitude, it is part of the wonder of being a woman. You can really strive for your dreams in this phase, it is a period of ripeness.

Best time to be seen and heard

Social engagements or date nights

Work on challenging tasks or projects

Networking events or group activities


Exercise during your ovulation phase


During this stage, when your body's energy levels are at their peak, you can push into high intensity levels. Recommended movements during this phase include exercises like weight training, or a dynamic yoga flow.


An important point to note: estrogen can cause joint swelling, so be sure to keep your muscles engaged during workouts to protect your joints.

We welcome back our dearest Kika, who has created a Form-Focused Pilates Class specifically designed for the ovulation phase. 

Barre meets mat Pilates in this energising full-body workout. With a strong focus on form and the stabilising muscles, expect high-reps, all over definition and an end to excuses.




  • Planks, push-ups, chair pose & other stabilising poses
  • HIIT & circuit training
  • Weight lifting - higher weight, low repetition
  • Hot yoga, Hatha yoga
  • Boxing & Kickboxing
  • Resistance training & rebounding
  • Intense workouts harnessing the peak energy
  • Pilates for core strength & flexibility
  • High-intensity dance or Zumba


Nutrition during your ovulation phase 

Because your oestrogen is at its peak, it’s helpful to eat foods that will help balance this hormone.

Also, opt for nutrient-dense foods to provide your body with the necessary energy and nutrients it needs during this phase. Minimize your consumption of sugary and highly processed foods, as they can lead to energy spikes, which may amplify hormonal fluctuations. In summary, focus on a balanced and nutrient-rich diet that supports hormonal balance.


This can include:


  • Whole grains and fruits. As well as vegetables like broccoli and kale. These can help you balance your oestrogen levels.
  • Foods rich in antioxidants, like berries.
  • Lean protein sources like tofu, or beans. For those who enjoy eating fish, this is an ideal time to include it in your diet.
  • Healthy fats from sources like avocados and nuts.
  • Combine with light caloric foods such as salads, quinoa and leafy greens.

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  •  Quinoa Salad with Roasted Vegetables:

Roast a variety of colorful vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. Toss them with cooked quinoa and a lemon vinaigrette. Add some tofu or chickpeas for protein.


  • Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry:

Make a curry sauce using coconut milk, curry paste, and spices. Add roasted sweet potatoes and cooked chickpeas. Serve with brown rice or quinoa.


Outfits inspiration for your ovulation phase

This is the perfect time to wear outfits that make you feel confident and attractive. Choose vibrant, colorful clothes that match your energetic mood, and pick comfy outfits that support your movement when you're out and about. This way, you can fully enjoy feeling your best.


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What to Read and Watch during your ovulation phase


Book: “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown (emphasizing vulnerability and courage)

Watch: Brené Brown: The Call to Courage (emphasizing the significance in fostering authentic connections and leading a fulfilling life) 


Brené Brown Book And Documentary


As you embrace your Ovulation Phase, make the most of the abundant energy you feel. Enjoy this time to the fullest, and let your inner vitality guide you. Keep shining and savor the joy of being in sync with yourself.


With love,


Indigo Luna xx.


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