“I am constantly shapeshifting, adapting and evolving” - Gabi

May we present a very special collaboration between our beautiful friend Gabi @sighswoon and Indigo Luna… 
The Waterfall collection in four pieces of mystical colours.

Created in honour of the evolving feminine essence that resides in us all.
May you honour your flow in these shapes made for shifting.
We have created pieces that take on many roles, pieces that feel like companions to the quest of life.

An invitation to see yourself in the wisdom of a waterfall, and trust in the unique evolution of your path.

“Every entity on this Earth exists in a constant state of flux and profound contradiction. It is who we are.”

In each garment there is a poem by Gabi honouring this sentiment along the spine, serving as a steady reminder. Discover it for yourself. 

Feminine flow is not fixed yet it blossoms in stillness.

A waterfall in steady flow benefits the entire eco-system, bringing fresh water and circulation to the space.
A body, mind and spirit in flow offers the same. 

This collection complements this intention for abundant ease.