Lenzing™ Plant Viscose - Asana

Our Lenzing Plant Viscose garments are made from eco-friendly wood pulp, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Lenzing's commitment to a reduced carbon footprint, responsible sourcing, and a closed-loop production process aligns perfectly with our values. If you love comfort and flexibility then you will love the pieces made from our signature fabric.

Sourcing: Responsibly managed forests in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Canada and close to home in Indonesia

Sustainability: ★★★★★

Feel: Silky smooth, stretchy, soft and breathable on the skin.

Made ethically and with love from 90% Plant Viscose, 10% Spandex.
Dyed using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) Certified dyes.

New 30 % thicker Plant Viscose material to better support your movement practice

Washing Instructions: 

- Cold machine wash on gentle cycle with natural detergent
- Turn garment inside out and wash with like colours
- Do not wash with towels
- Tumble dry on low setting. Low iron. Do not dry clean
- Avoid wringing or crushing
- Hang in the shade to dry, away from sunlight
- Consider using a GUPPYFRIEND to minimise microfibre pollution