How to Extend the Life of Your Garments

How to Extend the Life of Your Garments

Life happens and so does getting holes in some of our favourite clothes. But we believe that life's everyday moments are the special occasions worth celebrating. This means learning to mend the signs of a well-lived life and extending the lifespan of our favourite pieces can be such a rewarding experience. It's a commitment we stand by wholeheartedly.

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We're delighted to share insights from our dear friend @bookhou, who skilfully revives the art of mending clothes. She reveals two practical ways to repair holes in our clothes, breathing new life into them instead of discarding them into a landfill.

Creative Embroidery for Knitwear Repair

@bookhou uses two types of stitches: the satin stitch and the split stitch. Both of these are perfect for repairing clothes, and they add a unique touch to your garments, allowing them to tell your story

The satin stitch creates a smooth, dense patch over holes, blending seamlessly with the fabric. You can control the stitch's length and width to achieve the look you desire.

Fixing A Hole In Clothes With Art

The split stitch, on the other hand, lends a textured appearance to the repair work. You can play around with the stitch's length and spacing to create different effects.

In the tutorial, @bookhou uses a product called Sulky Stick n Stitch, which securely holds the fabric while dissolving in water. It allows you to either draw or print your design directly on it, ensuring precision while you stitch.

Simple Ladder Stitches for Easy Repairs

The ladder stitch is an easy and effective technique to mend holes in your clothes. It involves making a series of parallel stitches that look like a ladder's rungs, perfect for repairing holes or tears.

Mending our clothes is more than a practical act; it's an act of love and conscious consumption. Each stitch we make symbolises our commitment to sustainability, resisting the throwaway culture.

We hope you embrace this beautiful practice and make it your own!


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