Indigo Luna is a small brand, dedicated to thoughtful slow creation. Reducing unnecessary impact on other beings and our planet while providing an alternative to mass production and fast fashion.

Our garments are designed to celebrate the complex and evolving female form made for all women to feel safe and held. Clothing created in beautiful simple shapes, earthy colours from recycled or organic materials. 

All of our collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and we plan to run out of stock. Everything is cut, sewn and dyed by loving human hand, and we ensure that every person involved in production works in comfortable, safe conditions.

Clothing is more than just fabric that covers our bodies. It can be an expression of who we are, how we feel, and a reflection of our values.

At Indigo Luna, we embrace the art of slow, sustainable creation, beautifully intertwined with nature.

Capturing Balinese artistry, we incorporate care, time, and dedication into each garment. When given the choice, we will always choose people, the planet and doing good.

Indigo Luna has grown organically from our founders, Loviisa, Kathy and Jules, who each bring their own narrative to the pages of our story.  We do not have any corporate stakeholders or investors, and we value people over profits. We are a brand grown truly organically, watered by dedication, naivety, your love and the willingness to leave a positive impact on the people and the planet and we’re committed to following this path. 


Indigo Luna is not just the story of the founders. We started the idea with a tiny seed, a tiny seed that needs to be cared for and watered in order to grow. There is a small and deeply loved group of people now involved in caring for the Indigo Luna plant, each person helping to shape the brand into what we collectively feel proud of. We are a VERY human brand.

If you walk into our design office, you'll be immediately greeted by the sweet smell of incense. Your eyes will naturally wander, tracing a journey of creativity around the room: hand-drawn sketches of breasts and bodies, spontaneous doodles, fabrics and clothing samples scattered across the floor, intricate spec sheets with smiley faces, bouquets of flowers, scribbling notes, and other magical incantations. Then you'll probably feel the warmth of a full embrace followed by two Spanish cheek kisses from Martita, followed by the unmistakeable laugh of Sharon. Both of them are busy in crafting new designs and ensuring the quality of every one of your Indigo Luna pieces. This humanness, this perfect imperfection, is what we treasure and what breathes life into our garments.

There are human hands and human stories along each step that your garment takes on its way to you. Within production, each dye colour is checked by the human eye, and each cut and stitch is done by a skilled human hand. Our amazing team of women from different backgrounds and religions all laugh and work together, checking the quality. Lina and Lis will be moving stock from the warehouse to stores (when they are not busy feeding the growing numbers of stray Bali dogs that visit the office).

When you reach out to us, you will find yourself chatting with Lana or Tiana from our Torquay office. They are both incredibly caring humans and will make sure you are heard and helped. Listen closely during a call and you might just hear Chloe and the team singing to ABBA in the background as they carefully handpick and package your orders.

Finally, it's about you. You play a pivotal role in shaping everything we do. More than anyone else, you help inspire the essence of our brand. As conscious consumers, it's our collective responsibility to set the direction. By wearing your values, investing in a fashion industry that aligns with your beliefs, and asking yourself crucial questions, you make a difference.

We're really excited about improving and continuing our path towards sustainability. We recognise that there's so much to learn and many new ways to adapt and evolve for the better. We celebrate just how far we have come as a small brand and realise how far we have to go. We want you to join us on this journey and have honest and real conversations to create a new fashion industry we want to be a part of. Thank you for being a part of our story.


Our island home, Bali, guides our appreciation for the journey behind each piece, with family bonds keeping us grounded to this place. Our creations echo the time-honoured tradition of crafting intricate offerings, known as 'canang sari.' Where it's not the final offering that is most important. It's the time, presence, and energy put into the creation process.

We deeply value the artisans behind each garment. We engage and connect with them daily, creating and learning together in the same space and sharing smiles. Ensuring that every individual involved in crafting an Indigo Luna piece works in safe conditions and receives wages that exceed the standard of living in their community. To us, fair wages and safe working conditions should be a non-negotiable standard for any brand you buy from.

Jules, our co-founder, is half-Balinese. This lineage helps to guide our ethos here, emphasising the significance of supporting and giving back to the local community. It's more than just business for us; it's family. Many of our dedicated team members, from cousins to aunties and close friends, are testament to this bond. Our mission is clear: nourish and uplift the local Balinese community. In a beautiful land so welcoming of visitors and brimming with cultural generosity, we choose to honour, not exploit, the rich traditions and the indomitable spirit the island and Balinese/Indonesian people share with us. We encourage all visitors to invest time learning about the culture and we wish to share more with you on our socials.

We follow the Hindu Calendar for auspicious days for us to have store openings or big design releases, making sure to respect the inhabitants both seen and unseen.
Every six months, our beautiful manufacturers hold a ceremony praying for the goddess of prosperity. This is held to clear the energy in the space and create a pure environment for everyone working there. 🧿
We hope you can feel the loving intention of our creation process (from design to every stitch to packing and everything is between) when you receive and wear your Indigo Luna Pieces.

Half of our team is living and working on the coastal town of Torquay, Australia on the ancestral lands of Waddawurrung. We are constantly inspired by Aboriginal culture and the unique spiritual relationship to the land, waters and seas. We are honoured to have all orders packed and shipped on this land. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Waddawurrung land on which we share our creations. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present.




We intentionally take our time to craft our designs from organic or recycled materials, using beautifully soft fabrics in shapes created to flatter the female form.

Women, in all our diverse and radiant forms, are beautifully unique. We're far from interested in designing for just one 'ideal' silhouette that the world often tries to prescribe. It's our passion to craft garments that embrace the many ways beauty presents itself. By leaning into stretchy materials, we've created pieces that don't just fit, but flow with you. They're not just comfortable; they're like a second skin. Using quality materials, our garments are designed with love and intention, echoing our belief: Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last.

Rooted in conscious creation, we pour passion and thoughtfulness into every piece we craft. We don’t want our designs to be based off trends, our designs prioritise versatility, adaptability, and true self-expression. When you wear our garments, you'll find that they seamlessly mix and match, each complementing the other, giving you the freedom to curate a sustainable wardrobe that truly resonates with your spirit. We want you to revisit Indigo Luna time and again, discovering anew how each piece can be worn, loved, and cherished repeatedly. Our vision is simple: create beautiful clothing that makes you feel good, celebrates individuality, and maximises the garment's life, all while staying true to our values of sustainability and ethical fashion.

Every design of ours is born from a heartfelt intention and is rigorously tested. Our creation process spans months, not because we're slow, but because we're thoughtful. We want each piece to evoke feelings: the embrace of a hug, the gentleness of a summer breeze, the tranquil stillness of dawn, and that invigorating rush post a good workout. We design so you feel elevated, so every moment is met with an open heart.

We are perpetual creators. Surrounded by gifted artisans, our brand thrives on a delicate dance of creation and curation. Even as we release new pieces online, we often archive others, not just to maintain equilibrium, but to ensure there is no overconsumption and that there's always room for innovation and for you to discover unique, ethical pieces that resonate with your personal style.

For us, clothing is more than just attire. It's a canvas, a mood, an energy we choose to wear. And in all we do, ethics and eco-consciousness values are never compromised. They are the core of our brand's essence.


At Indigo Luna, we are profoundly dedicated to celebrating women. We understand and honour the diverse tapestry that makes up womanhood, and that essence is deeply woven into the fabric of our brand.

We're not just a brand; we are a haven. A sanctuary where you, as a woman, can come to feel seen, valued, and nurtured. Our platform is not just about selling garments but about endorsing positive body imagery, embracing every hue of skin, every curve, and every unique feature that women bring. Our commitment extends beyond fashion; it’s about education on vital women’s issues, including the intricate dance of hormones that plays out in our bodies.

We've ensured our social media spaces are zones of calm and empowerment. We want every interaction you have with Indigo Luna, whether online or offline, to leave you feeling more empowered, more in love with yourself, and more at peace than before.

Fit and feel are at the heart of our design philosophy. Recognising that the female body is a beautiful landscape of change - monthly, yearly, and across life stages - we design keeping this dynamism in mind. By choosing the most adaptive, stretchy materials and meticulously studying design contours, we ensure that every Indigo Luna piece you wear feels like a comforting embrace, perfectly moulding to you.

With a team that's 98% women, we are not just speaking to women; we ARE women. We get it. This insight allows us to foster an inclusive working environment, a platform where women's voices are amplified, and their strength celebrated. When we say we understand the nuances of the female body, it's because we live them.

In every thread, every dye, every stitch, there is a story of womanhood. We hope that as you don our pieces or engage with us online, you feel that narrative wrapping around you, making you feel cherished, uplifted, and most importantly, celebrated.