Women and the Moon

by Ivan Segalas

Just like the Moon, us women go through monthly cyclical phases. Depending on which phase of the Moon you bleed with, it symbolizes a different phase of intentions.

Our dear friend Pauline Goossens, hormone cycle expert and founder of Omcycle, explains it to us.


Lunatic (latin): “moonstruck”, “insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon”

We’ve all been there.

The Moon affects every drop of water on planet Earth including every single living being, such as humans, plants, animals & fungi because we’re all composed of mostly water. 

Without water, there is no life.  


Women and the Moon


Water is Life. 

I mean, we are a body of em~oceans after all. 

Especially women, we are a reflection of the Moon, of her phases & of her natural cycles. A symbol of feminity, darkness, mystery, renewal & transitions. 

Since ancient times, Greek & Latin formed our languages with words of the Moon. 

Menorrhea: menstruation

Meno (Greek): moon, month

Rhea (Greek): flow 

Monday: Moon-day - (psst…a great day to reflect as the Moon light is a reflection of the Sun)

Lun (Latin): moon

Lundi (Monday: French)

Lunes (Monday: Spanish)

Lunedi (Monday: Italian)



Just like the Moon, women go through her mon-thly cyclical phases. Depending on which phase of the Moon she bleeds with, it symbolizes a different phase of intentions. 

White Moon Cycle 

  • You bleed with the New Moon, Ovulate with the Full Moon
  • You are most in tune with the Earth's natural cycles 
  • Plant seeds with the Full Moon when you and the Earth are most fertile
  • Mother Archetype: nuturing

      Are you wanting children?
      Do you take on the role of a Mother in your relationships?
      Are you growing or nurturing a business of your own? 

      What idea-babies are you wanting to manifest?


      Pink Moon Cycle

      • You bleed with the Waxing Moon, Ovulate with the Waning Moon
      • You are in transition towards something bigger & brighter
      • Maiden Archetype: a go-getter full of enthusiasm to go forth, that young girl within you who wants to become a free woman

      Are you in a phase of self-discovery?
      Who am I? Who will I become?
      What is my purpose to fulfill here in this phase of life?

      What risks are you willing to take to achieve this brighter future? 
      What will make you feel more free? 



      Red Moon Cycle 

      • You bleed with the Full Moon, Ovulate with the New Moon
      • You are here to present your talents & share your wisdom/gifts
      • Wise Woman Archetype: the healer, the magic-maker, the wisdom keeper. Also the enchantress and seductress since her sexuality is used in more than just procreation but more to empower other women & their community

      Do you desire self-exploration & self-expression?
      Are you feeling finished with your Mother role and turning your energy inward, of using your self-awareness to help heal the world?


      Purple Moon Cycle 

      • You bleed with the Waning Moon, Ovulate with the Waxing Moon
      • You are in transition. You might feel you want to get back to yourself, self-discovery, shedding old patterns to open to a new self
      • The Enchantress Archetype: who is powerful, internal, spiritual & fierce

      Are you wanting to change careers?
      Do you desire more meaning from your work or personal life?
      Do you desire a sexual awakening, learning more about yourself to redefine your sensual self?

      Are you feeling an inward pull and a withdrawal from the outside world?

        Never forget that you are nature. You are connected with all of the elements that surround you. You are the channel between the Sky and the Earth. Observe the shifts, the transitions, and the natural energies that flow within you and outside of you. 

        You are here for a reason, to follow your soul’s purpose, your life’s path. 

        Immerse yourself in nature & it’s natural cycles, and you’ll feel that alignment you’ve been searching for. 

        With love,
        Pauline Goossens

        Hormone Cycle Expert 



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