Connect To Land Workshop

Connect To Land Workshop

We recently collaborated with -From Soma- and gathered in Bali for our first in-person workshop, celebrating the land we call home while delving into the art of crafting “Canang Sari”.

What is Canang Sari?

Canang Sari is a sacred offering, meticulously assembled with natural elements, each imbued with profound significance. Placed in temples, crossroads, and revered spaces, these small baskets serve as a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature.

Crafting in Community

In the heart of Bali, we found ourselves weaving these offerings together, surrounded by a vibrant community of women. Laughter intertwined with shared wisdom as we crafted, chatted, and immersed ourselves in the beauty of creation.

Through your participation, we were able to directly support Balinese women who graciously guided us in our craft.

Seeing how this amazing community of like-minded souls grows and evolves fuels our motivation to continue following our path, and reminds us that creating a better and safer world for our children is possible.

Thanks for your Love and Support

Indigo Luna xx

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