How to Journal during the Full Moon

How to Journal during the Full Moon

Every moon transit evokes different energy, depending on its brightness and the sign it’s moving through. The energy of the Full Moon is about illuminating what needs to be released from your life, and saying goodbye to old patterns that no longer serve you. 

Today, August 11th, we have the last super-moon of 2022, moving through the house of Aquarius, which is community orientated, open-minded, connecting and inviting. 


We created a Journalling Ritual to support you coming into connection with yourself and the energy of our Earth’s beloved Moon. 



Coming into connection means marking out your own quiet space where you feel comfortable and free from distractions. This can be done on your bedroom floor, or on the beach, or anywhere you can feel at peace. 


Make an altar with objects that are special and symbolic to you. You can use candles, crystals, shells, pictures or flowers. Smudging your sacred space with Palo Santo or Incense is a way of cleansing the energy of a space, infusing it with a sweet aroma and bringing about feelings of softness and serenity. We now have these products available in our online store here.


Incense is used daily in the offerings of Balinese Hindu culture as a way of saying thank you to our beautiful Earth. 





Light a candle with the intention: “this full moon I am releasing all that doesn’t serve me. May the candle light illuminate what I am ready to set free. May spirit support my healing and growth.”


Our intention is a powerful force that we can sometimes underestimate. Asking for help from the spirits lets them know you want to receive their care. 


Making offerings is a good way to express your gratitude to the spirits for their support. You can offer incense, candle light, honey, water, whatever feels true for you - and set them on your altar. 


Maybe you have some special paper and coloured pens that you love! Using different coloured inks can be a fun way of being creative when expressing your words. Once you have collected your pens and paper, settle into a comfortable seat. 





Here are some journalling prompts to help you find your word flow.


  • What is my most recurring feeling? What is the root of this feeling?
  • What do I struggle with in my life?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What bothers me most?
  • What are my values? Why?
  • What are the values I’d like to live by?
  • What positive things can I say about myself?
  • What do I value in relationships?
  • What are three things that make me feel proud?
  • What do I need less of in my life?
  • What does happiness mean to me?


You can select all or a handful of these questions and write to your hearts content. What do you really want to say? What do you really feel? There is no judgement here, only love and care. 





Say, “I am now ready to release…” and speak your truth. 


Together with your intention, proclaiming your words is a powerful way of making magic. Read words aloud that are true for you.


And if you feel like breaking into song, go for it! If you feel like putting on some music and having a dance, go for it! Expression is pure beauty. 





Burning your paper releases your words and transforms them. Make sure this is done with a fire safe dish and some water nearby for safety. Alternatively, do it over your sink so the ashes can be safely washed down the drain. Use a lighter or a candle flame. Remember to ensure your safety is priority. 


Alternatively, taking a bath is a great way to feel held and wash away debris. Fill your tub with warm water, add some flower petals, magnesium salt, essential oils, and soak. When you pull the plug imagine all the feelings you wish to release being sucked down the drain, leaving a replenished and regenerated You.


If it’s possible, you might like to take your offerings to the water to realise them back to nature. It’s fun sprinkling flower petals and burning Palo Santo with gratitude for the gifts of the Moon.





Finishing with some positive affirmations helps the healing flow. Here are some ideas:


  • I trust in the goodness of life to carry me through.
  • I receive pleasure and abundance in every breath I take.
  • I am in touch with the source of my power.
  • I have the courage to love unconditionally.
  • I speak my truth and express myself honestly.
  • I open myself to inner guidance and wisdom.
  • I am open to the healing power of spirit working in my life.

Remember how special you are. 


We grow together.


With love,


Indigo Luna xx