Cacao Ceremony

How to create your own cacao ceremony at home

What is a sacred cacao ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies are a wonderful way to bring your awareness inward, allowing yourself to receive exactly what you need at the moment, opening your heart fully with cacao's support. 


Step One - Creating a Sacred space

You can start by creating a relaxed space where you feel at ease and can be without distractions. Some people like to make a nest on the floor, with a blanket and pillows, incense, essential oils, crystals, music, a pencil and journal, a pen and anything else that supports your relaxation and personal connection with the present moment. You may even like to smudge the space with sage or palo santo.



Create your peacefull space for a ceremonial cacao



Step Two - Prepare your ceremonial cacao with intention

As you prepare your Ceremonial Cacao, it helps to be grateful for this time and also connect to your intention and the cacao preparation itself.



Express Blender Method:

Add all ingredients to a heat-proof blender.
Blend thoroughly with intention, and pour into your favourite mug.


Without blender:

Using a large pot, combine all ingredients and cook over low heat without letting them boil. Stir constantly until the Cacao melts.

To create a foamy layer, you may want to use a whisk to aerate the Cocoa.


Create a ritual for your cacao ceremony



Step Three - Connection

Come back to your space you've set up and get comfortable with your magical cup of ceremonial cacao (but don't drink it yet). Now is a good time to put on some meditative music or something soft and gentle that supports the atmosphere you've created.  

Breathe deeply through your nose and out through your mouth for five breaths. Allowing you to breathe in and exhale any negative energy from the day.

Now is the time to set your intention for your cacao ceremony. You might want to close your eyes and wait to see what drops in. Your intuition and the spirit of cacao will guide you. Think about why you're sitting down in ceremony today, what you desire to receive, or who you desire to be.


Setting intentions and meditating



Step Four - Taste 

You can infuse your cacao mug with your intention however feels right to you. When you feel ready, take your first sip of cacao and bring your full awareness to all of the finer details. What is the sensation when you taste it? How do your taste buds respond? Take note of any physical sensations you experience in your body and any thoughts that arise for you as the cacao moves through your body and into your heart space. 

As you sip away at your cacao in your own time, be fully present with your mug, the spirit of cacao and your true self. It's not about finishing it, so take your time. Take another sip and feel your heart space expand, grow, and open as you send cacao and your intention throughout your body. 



Drinking ceremonial cacao with positive intentions



Step Five - Relax and receive

Once you've finished your cacao, it's time to allow the magic to work its way around your physical body, your energy and your mind. During integration time, I like to put my headphones in, lie on my back, and play a guided meditation or beautiful meditative music for at least 10 minutes. This allows whatever comes up to come up and come through, relaxing into the experience as much as possible.



Step Six - Write, reflect, and let your energy guide you

Once you feel you have received what you need, it is time to slowly sit back up and journal on anything that came through during your integration period. Take the time to write down what you just experienced, reflect on your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic reactions, or even plan your next month. Refining, expanding, or creating something new are all great ideas. 

Here you might consider doing a tarot or oracle card spread. Feel free to perform any other rituals you feel comfortable with. This is the place where you can play and let your energy flow where it wants to go and create whatever you desire. You might even want to dance, letting your body move however it wants. 

Feel free to stay in this space as long as you need.


Kelly wearing Tuula poncho almond



Step Seven - Ceremony closing and Gratitude

Once you are ready, the ceremony will come to an end. This is done by sending deep gratitude and reverence for mother nature's cacao and its spirit, which we have both physically and spiritually experienced. Gratitude and thanks can be expressed in your journal, spoken aloud, or internalised silently.

We end the ceremony by taking five deep breaths, sending our energy down to our feet and grounding back into our physical world.

You may notice sensations of the ceremony arise or moment of intention come back to you in the days following your cacao journey.


Indigo Luna Ritual Cacao Ceremony


Balinese Ceremonial Cacao

If you are looking to purchase some Ceremonial Grade Cacao yourself we have some available online. Produced from traditional Mexican Criollo trees, sourced right here, from our beautiful island of Bali. 

Originally brought to Java, Criolla cacao seeds eventually spread to Bali. Balinese cacao has evolved naturally into a high-quality, finely flavoured variety of cacao. Heirloom cacao flourished in Bali's ideal climate.

This blend of Cacao is sweet and smooth giving a deep heart-opening experience with the spiritual and ancestral elements of Balinese culture infused. 

Expert Balinese chocolate makers maintain the highest concentrations of minerals, antioxidants, and bliss-inducing compounds.


Delight your senses in cacao.


With love,

Indigo Luna xx