The Seed of Indigo Luna.

We have grown mindfully and with purpose over the past 5 years with the intention to make clothing that embodies our values. This year marks the second year in eco-knitwear and a reminder that our differences can unify us… it’s our differences that give us strength. 


Our intention remains to be slow mindful creation from sustainable resources. This is the seed from which we have grown and what guides our whole business. We value family, relationships, sustainability and walking lightly on the earth. Our Eco-Knitwear is designed for wholeness and to feel lovingly held in softness.




The Process.

Knitwear is created through movement, tension and threads in a completely magical ancient process. We sought out the best artisans our island home of Bali has to offer and asked for their guidance on creating unique pieces that hold our philosophy and intention. 

Knitting begins with the yarn, which remains a vegan and sustainable choice (a no brainer for us). The properties of the yarn and how it is spun results in so many variations of textures, alongside the various knitting techniques which alters the thickness, shapes and patterns in the weave. We worked with our beautiful artisans to create samples so we could study the movement of the knit and how it relates to the body. We discovered knits have a unique breathability which means they can flex around women's bodies in garments that ebb and flow. This is when our designers begin visioning into what the garment could look like and sketch out ideas.

Samples of design ideas are created through the hand cranked looms of our artisans in a manual process that cannot be rushed. The designs are then tested on ourselves and on friends and family. Taking the time to wear the samples and feel into them is so important to us so we can perfect the details over many moons to offer you knitwear that truly evolves with your body being.


behind the scenes of knitwear collection




Remaining 100% Vegan in our fabric choices keeps us aligned with our values and purpose. Our knitwear is created using Certified Organic Cotton Yarn and Recycled Acrylic that was otherwise destined for landfill. We choose to reuse and repurpose where possible.




From our humble beginnings in our family garage we maintain an importance on relationships at Indigo Luna. Every soul that works for Indigo Luna is valued and treated with equal respect and care. We are extremely proud of our family run business and maintain close relationships with all the artisans who create our clothing. It’s often in the casual visits just catching up for a cup of tea when great ideas arrive, which are then backed up with real love and care through every single thread and stitch.


This creates a different kind of warmth.


behind the scenes of knitwear collection


Embodying the change we want to see in the world,

Feel whole is Seasons. Designed to unify opposites.  

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last.


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