Eco-Friendly packaging made of cassava

We say No to Plastic

The catastrophic impact plastic is having on the environment is not new information. Yet it remains to be a really difficult thing to get rid of because to a certain extent the modern lifestyle relies on plastic to function.


A pretty sobering thought isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be this way. Plastic substitutes that are chemical-free and biodegradable are the best option for reducing our impact on the environment while we also make an effort to transform our lifestyles to be less focused on mindless consumption.



This is why we use cassava bags when shipping your Indigo Luna pieces. Our no plastic policy means we don’t rely on plastic for our business to function. Cassava is root vegetable native to South America. It is completely biodegradable into your compost bin. It contains zero plastic materials so it won’t break down into micro-plastics. This seemingly small and simple choice in the short term has massive ripple effects for the long term if everyone makes the effort. Never underestimate the importance of the small things. 


We choose to focus our energy into forming good habits. Everything at Indigo Luna is packed in cassava bags and nothing is individually wrapped. We also offset the carbon footprints on your purchases online. This is our choice to be a business that advocates for mindful consumption in a mindful lifestyle.



Wondering how to compost your cassava bag?

The best way is in your home compost bin. It will take about 180 days to break down depending on your setup. They also break down in hot water. Cassava bags are not made to last.


packaging biodegradable



Hopefully using biodegradable substitutes will become the normal thing in the very near future, and the modern plastic lifestyle will be completely transformed for the better. 


The small efforts don’t go unnoticed, and together we can collectively make a big impact on the health of the Earth. 


With love,


Indigo Luna xx