Lenzing™ Modal

We love the gentle touch of our Lenzing Modal garments. Made from sustainably harvested beech trees, this versatile material is not only incredibly soft, but also environmentally friendly. Lenzing Modal is produced using an eco-friendly process that minimises waste and reduces the environmental impact of clothing production. 

Lenzing Modal

 Sustainably managed European beech forests.

Sustainability: ★★★★★

Feel: Soft, lightweight, and breathable.

Washing Instructions:

- We recommend a gentle hand wash for these special pieces in cold water with a non chemical detergent

- If washing in the washing machine please use gentle cycle with cold water
- Please do not use Soap Berries as they can cause the natural dye to run
- Avoid contact with strong chemicals and acids such as citrus juice
- Hang to dry in the shade

* Natural Dyes will fade over time and with use, we use only natural mordants that are better for you and your skin, but this will make the natural dye slightly weaker than regular dyes.