Life is all about balance, Yin & Yang. Remember the importance of slowing down. 

Balancing Yin & Yang is the key to balancing your hormones and living a healthier, happier & thriving life. 



Yin is dark, the Moon, feminine, receiving, goes with the flow & is mysterious.
Yang is light, the Sun, masculine, giving, action, directional, and creates clarity.

In nature, Mother Earth is in constant creation. Her seed is created in darkness, the womb, but cannot grow without the Father Sun’s energy. One cannot live without the other. Yin & Yang are always interconnected and need each other to be able to create.

You’re a part of this Yin-Yang nature, too.


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When you go too into the Yin energy, nothing gets done and you get PMS & irregular periods.  

When you go too into the Yang energy, as we tend to in our Yang-dominating societies where we’re told to be productive every day, imbalances happen like burn out, PMS & irregular periods. 

This is very important!:
As a woman or person with a biological female hormone cycle, you have a biological need to slow down in your Luteal &
Menstrual phases. 

By honouring the four phases of your hormone cycle with the qualities of Yin & Yang, you will greatly reduce hormonal imbalances like cramps, period pains, acne, hair loss, mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, stress & more. 

Here is how you can balance your Yin & Yang in each phase: 



On the inside: You’re shedding your uterine lining, this is Yang energy, exertion & losing energy. All of your hormones are at their lowest, so energy is lowest. 

Bring into balance:
Relax & restore your energy. Be more Yin. Allow yourself to receive. 


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On the inside: After you bleed, oestrogen starts to rise. Oestrogen is a Yin hormone; it’s making you more feminine by making your face more symmetrical & body have voluptuous curves, your voice becomes more feminine & articulate. 

Bring into balance:
Do Yang things like take action, set up meetings, create a business plan, set goals, have direction, workout increasingly harder & socialise.


Flow Collection - Balancing Yin & Yang



On the inside: This is where your oestrogen peaks, your lips are most plump & you’re at your most magnetic to attract a partner. You’re at your most inner Yin, your most feminine energy. 

Bring into balance:
Do your most masculine or Yang actions like promoting your work, hosting an event, providing support & reaching your workout goals. 


Mimi In Customised Indigo Luna Clothes



On the inside: Oestrogen takes a dip then slightly rises again, but the star of the show is progesterone, a Yang hormone. It’s Yang in nature because it raises your temperature & makes your body think it’s pregnant. Your stress levels naturally rise to protect you & the potential baby, so this raises your intuition & awareness, but also makes you more introverted & more sensitive. 

Bring into balance:
Do Yin things like relaxing, slow down, dance, flow, allow yourself to receive & create art. 


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When you honour how your energy, mind & body change throughout all of the four phases of your cycle, you create so much more care, love & awareness for yourself.

Your imbalances start to disappear & you realise “wow, I should love myself & honour my cycle more often”.  

Remember, creation comes from the seed that grows in darkness. 

Embrace your darkness to create your light. 


With love,

Pauline Goossens

Hormone Cycle Expert 


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