Recently we had a conversation with the incredibly talented @_diannalopez, delving into the inspiration behind her creations.

When and what moment in your daily life inspires you to create?

I’m a really deep feeler. Sometimes the simplest things will send a ripple through my bones, like passing a lavender tree and connecting that scent to a memory. Or hearing a sound in a certain frequency and suddenly I feel filled with hope, like I could take any path in this moment and know it’ll lead me somewhere beautiful.

Little things inspire me, and when the day has begun or is coming to its end I love being able to sing about them, dance out the feelings of them, or dream up new timelines. 

How would you describe your relationship with mother nature?

I feel like I can only describe my relationship with Mother Nature in a simple term, healing. There is always good that comes from her wisdom, sometimes lessons, sometimes expressions, but woven in there is always this feeling of coming home to myself when I’m engulfed in her.

This feeling like no matter which way the waves of life pull me, I too am made of the waves. Just life experiencing itself. 

How did you find your way into writing songs?

It began with my love for writing poems, I think it started around age 4 or 5. It was my way of beautifying and fantasizing the world around me even when my reality felt opposite than that. Poetry warmed up my world, like a sparking an amber musk candle in a dark room. 

The songwriting picked up easily when I attended college for theatre and performance. I made friends who loved music, and became entangled in the musical world of creation - eventually finding out that it felt like home for me. 

What poem portrays your spiritual journey well? 

This one by one of my favorite authors, Jaiya John: 

“Love is in the midst and mist of you. It pools in your pores. Pours from your eyes. Courses your blood rivers. Shivers with you in the cold. Lifts you in your sorrow. You do not have to wait for Love to arrive tomorrow. Love is with you.”

Favorite song

Right now it would be “Sea Glass” by Yazmin Lacey.

Favourite Playlist

“Dianna Lopez Radio” on Spotify is really nice :,) Listen here.

Favorite book

“Of Water and the Spirit” by Malidoma Patrice Somé

Favorite movie

“The Red Turtle” from Studio Ghilbi!

There are no words and it makes it even better.

Favorite word of wisdom that you like or your mantra

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"

Favourite one piece from Indigo luna or your most worn pieces :)

The Winterfall Pants and Jumper in Cloud Cream are currently my most worn. I love feeling comfortable and cute, and this set makes me feel like a walking cloud. Also, I love that Indigo Luna products are high quality and can be worn in any fashion; like with boot heels or with water shoes depending on what your vibe is that day.


With Love,

Indigo Luna xx


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Photography courtesy of the talented @sooflight. Sincere thanks for your contribution!

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