Self love is living as love itself.

Self love is living as love itself.

In our current day, self love has become synonymous with self care. And while self care has a vital and irreplaceable position in our lives, particularly the fast past, capitalistic society we are surrounded by, self love can go far beyond our self care practices.


We invite you to perceive self love as living as the embodiment of love itself.


That the self IS love.


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As we journey through this life experience, as the unique individual essence that makes up you, me, and every other beloved on earth, we stumble and fall upon our fears, our self doubts, illusions of lack, scarcity. We bump up against every part of ourselves that is not yet living as love.


As painful, as real, as each of these experiences may be, on a spiritual level, each time we encounter fear, we are being gifted an opportunity to transform to love.


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We have the power to choose our perspectives in each moment, and I encourage you to find those moments where you may be in fear, lack, worry, stress, pain, betrayal, or abandonment, and ask yourself ‘If my higher self perfectly scripted this for me to learn about love, how is this perfect?’.


This simple perspective shift takes us away from victimhood and places us back into empowerment. We get to seek out the divine perfection.


When we find the divine perfection, the lesson, the gift, the opportunity for more love, we have created the miracle. We have shifted from fear to love.


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Of course our human self may still feel pain, may still need to process the experience, and our inner feelings and pain are so very valid. And this is where self care and treating ourselves with tenderness is required.


If you are the living embodiment of love itself, how can you not love every last perfect little piece that makes up the glorious being that is YOU? The glorious YOU which this universe has never seen before and will never see again? The absolutely miraculous individuality that makes up the full spectrum of who YOU are?


If you are not yet accepting the fullness of the glory that is you, it simply means the illusion is still present, and that is also part of this amazing, ever expanding journey of life. 


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And rather than needing to love yourself more, you simply can work to remove the illusions that stand in the way of remembering that you ARE love.


And each time an opportunity pops up that you see where you are not in the state of love towards self, you can be grateful, and say thank you for this opportunity. Thank you, self, for showing me the ways I can continue to deepen my capacity for love. Thank you, self, for this gift of showing me where I can continue to grow. Thank you self, for every way which you divinely orchestrate this journey of life to show me where there is more love available for me.


We do not need to go out and find our self worth, or earn it, but instead remove all of the illusion that stands in the way of us remembering our worth is inherent.


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Marianne Williamson says, "Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us."


This valentines day, can you take this as an opportunity to deepen into the capacity of love within you. How deeply can you experience the miracle of shifting your inner experience from one of fear, to one of love?


Happy Valentine’s day, beloved. Every last piece of this universe is madly in love with you. I hope you can receive it.


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Written by Erin Kyna

Erin Kyna is a trauma informed sexuality healer, coach, teacher and poet, liberating women to experience their pleasure potential in all areas of life including sex.

You can find her on socials:

IG: erinkyna