Knit Blend

For our knitwear collection this year we have hand-blended Organic Cotton with a touch of recycled fluffy acrylic. So you can feel the softness of Organic Cotton mixed with the warmth of Repurposed Acrylic in long lasting pieces that make you feel wrapped, loved and relaxed. The feel of the material is completely like our beautiful organic cotton but we decided to blend it to make the pieces warmer and fall/flow is the most beautiful way. We don’t use any animal-based fibres in our collections so finding a balance this way for something that will last for years to come.

Winterfall Fabric is 60% Organic Cotton

Sourcing: We have created our own blend of hand-blended Organic Cotton with leftover acrylic that has been collected by hand from various large manufacturers. We rescue the material to prevent it from going to landfill and give it another life through our sustainable designs.

Sustainability: ★★★★

Feel: Smooth, comfortable and gentle on the skin.

Made ethically and with love from 60% Cotton + 40% Leftover Acrylic’

Washing Instructions: 

- Hand wash in cold water with natural detergent
- Turn garment inside out and wash with like colours. Do not wash with towels.
- Avoid wringing or crushing. Do not dry clean
- Lay flat in shade to dry
- Never hang your knitwear. Always keep them folded.
- Consider using a GUPPYFRIEND to minimise microfibre pollution